recently offered its viewers the opportunity to ask former MotoGP rider Sylvain Guintoli questions about his 2009 move to the British Superbike Championship with Crescent Suzuki.

This is the second and final part of what the British-based Frenchman - who spent two years in MotoGP, with Tech 3 Yamaha and then d'Antin Ducati - had to say...

Q - tiberiu
What relationship do you have with Tech 3 Team? Is there any chance to go back there after the contracts of Toseland and Edwards expire?

Sylvain Guintoli
I have known the Tech3 squad for many years and am still close friend with some of them.

Q - wvanja
I'm very glad to see you in Suzuki squad. You are, probably, in few fastest riders in wet, and it means in dry, if you have better bike then last year. How it is possible that managers didn't see it. Whether you think they didn't see Kenny Roberts jr as someone who could win Rossi? Your place is in MotoGP or WSBK, good luck!

Sylvain Guintoli
Thank you. BSB is a very strong championship, and so I believe that should I go to WSBK or back to GP in the future, I will be a stronger rider because of my BSB experience
Q - Nick Manning
So Suzuki corporate hat aside for the moment, who do you think your main rivals will be next year and have you ridden against any of the field before? My predictions are that the front runners will be Camier, Richards and Ellison. BTW Have you ever ridden Cadwell before...if not January probably isn't the time to try it out As Christian Clavier would say when playing Jacquille...C'est Dingue!!!

Sylvain Guintoli
Difficult to say before the start of the season. No, I have not ridden at Cadwell yet, but I hope to get in all circuits over the winter to learn their characteristics.
Q - Kevin Westley
Who do you think will be your biggest rival for the BSB title in 2009?
Sylvain Guintoli
It is difficult to single out one rider as the biggest rival for me next season.

Q - faster
Your 2008 team-mate Toni Elias was unhappy with the support he got from Ducati this season, in terms of the new parts needed to be competitive. Do you agree with him about that? What sort of relationship did you have with Ducati?

Also, can you tell us what was going on behind the scenes at d'antin this year, which ended up with luis d'antin leaving?

Sylvain Guintoli
My relationship with Ducati and my Team last year was very good. We were a satellite team so for sure we received part later than the factory guys. I have nothing bad to say about them.
Q - five cylinder
How many of next year's 19 rider MotoGP grid do you think do not deserve to be there?
Sylvain Guintoli
I really don't believe anyone is gifted a ride without being worthy in GP.

Q - Boo
Do you know if Crescent Suzuki are in a position to run a second rider yet? Do you think a team-mate would help your cause over the season, or would you be happy in just a one-man team?

Sylvain Guintoli
I'm very happy with the set-up at present. I have a very experienced team around me, who I am sure will give me the best possible package. Having a team-mate or not, really does not worry me.
Q - Scooby Doo
Were you offered a ride in World Superbikes? Were you disappointed to miss out on Yamaha WSBK seat?

Sylvain Guintoli
I had contacts but the opportunity with Suzuki-Crescent BSB was the best for many reasons. I am very happy where I am now.
Q - 250
Sylvain, as a former 250cc rider what do you think of the change to 600cc four strokes from 2011? What do you think MotoGP should do to make the racing more exciting again?

Sylvain Guintoli
It's a good change. Different constructors will take part and I think "junior Teams" will start to appear. For MotoGP, the tyre rule might help.
Q - Stephen Silva
Sylvain! Did you feel let down by the lack of ducati support in motogp?

Sylvain Guintoli
Q - slow joe
Will you ride as a wildcard in the British WSBK rounds, like Tom Sykes did this year? Where do you hope to race in 2010?

Sylvain Guintoli
I would certainly like to have a go at these rounds. It would be nice to show what we are capable of on the world stage. For now, I am not thinking about 2010, I just want to focus on next season and then see where we are at the end...
Q - devbil
Hi Sylvain, good luck in BSB! In your opinion, how is it when competing against Rossi on the same track and also if you think that he is the best driver ever?

Sylvain Guintoli
Valentino is obviously a very special rider.
Q - Renato Serafim
Well, tell me about the transition From MotoGP (prototype bike) to BSB (Modified one)? what do you think will be the most uncomfortable thing for you to make the transition? In 2010 you will race in WSBK if you win the BSB??

Sylvain Guintoli
The transition is not so huge. Obviously the GP machines are lighter and more powerful, but the production based machines are impressive. I'm really not thinking about 2010 yet. I want to stay focused about 09 and do the very best possible job.
Q - Katee
I have a three questions for you (hope is not so much):
1.) Do you think you will be able to fight for the BSB title with Suzuki? Do you think you can win it?
2.) I heard opinions that you didn't have a seat in WSBK or MotoGP because of "non-Spanish passport". Do you think that as Spanish you will have it easier and you will have a ride in some world championship in 2009?
3.) I know some people who met you personally and everybody said that you were very friendly, still smiling, enthusiastic and have a good mood. Actually you always seems so in TV. How are you doing it?

Sylvain Guintoli
I can fight for the title with Suzuki. The Crescent team is hugely experienced, and I believe together we can put up a serious fight for the title. As for the Spanish passport question, I'm not so sure on that. I try to be happy, because I am very lucky to be able to earn a living from my passion. I am not sure thought my wife will agree with you regarding the moods!!
Q - 1050cc
Hi Sylvan, just wondered if you ride bikes on the road for pleasure too or just racing... if so, what do you ride?

Sylvain Guintoli
I never used road bikes before but I'm waiting for my new GSX-R1000 to arrive at the moment.
Q - Moose
Firstly, welcome to BSB. I know you are an honorary Brit already so you should fit right in! Can you explain to me the French obsession with endurance racing? I'm afraid I just don't get it. Is it actually anything to do with the racing or is it the trackside party that makes it?

Sylvain Guintoli
Endurance racing is very important in France (and Japan with 8h of Suzuka) for the constructors and the spectators. In order to win, you need speed but also reliability. It's different racing and because the race is longer, the party last longer!

Q - Christophe de la Hube
I just would like to know how the quality of paddock hospitality for riders (& guests) varies between the championships. Are there significant differences in facilities provided for yourself etc.? If so, will you miss the creature comforts offered in the GP paddock?

Sylvain Guintoli
Grand Prix is very extravagant, but I don't think I will miss it. At the end of the day, what you need is a great bike, great support from your team and turn the throttle as much as you can.

Q - Hedgeholer
Good luck next season, I've never been convinced you were on equally matched machinery in Moto GP and that masked your talent. How are you planning to 'level up' your knowledge of the UK tracks in time 'though? I'm thinking Kiyo who came brilliant in year two found it a hard task in year one to adapt and Watanabe was less than impressed at a couple of the 'farm tracks' he found himself on for the first time last season.

Sylvain Guintoli
Thanks. I intend to spend some time learning the tracks in a car over the winter and hopefully on two-wheels before the season starts. John Reynolds has offered to talk me through some of these, so I may take him up on this offer.
Q - FreQ
Who is your favourite past/current rider and why?

Sylvain Guintoli
Q - gregin8er
Have another question for you. Just wondered, what made you choose to live in the UK for the last few years?

Sylvain Guintoli
The weather but most of all the food! (only joking). My wife is a big part of it.
Q - eric ruyer
First of all, it is an honor for me to write some lines for Mr. Sylvain Guintoli (a bit frustrating it is on a British website and not a French one, but anyway thanks to British people to be so big fans of motorbike races!...)
What are your objectives this season? Podiums? Victories? BSB title? After have tested the Suzuki, do you think that this bike is able to win the title?
Voil? ce sera tout. En tout cas je te souhaite de prendre ton pied et de tous les pourir! Oublie pas tu as des fans (fran?ais aussi!) deriere toi!
Good luck, keep smiling and see ya on TV!
Eric (un expatri? en Irlande qui a laiss? sa moto en France parce qu'il pleut tout le tps).

Translation: Well, this would be all. All the best and good luck with beating them all! Don't forget you have loads of fans (French ones too!) supporting you! Good luck, keep smiling and see ya on TV!
Eric (an expatriate from Ireland, who left his bike in France, as it is raining all the time)

Sylvain Guintoli
Thank you. All of the above really. Obviously the main target is the championship, but we need to be consistent to achieve this. I have not ridden the new bike yet, but the 08 was very impressive, so I have no doubts about its potential with such a strong team behind me. Clin d'oeil aux Francais et vive les Roastbeefs!

Translation: A smile for the French and hail to the Roast beefs!


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