recently offered you the chance to get your questions to HM Plant Honda's newest recruit, Joshua Brookes, ahead of his debut in the British Superbike Championship.

Covering his hopes for 2009, his decision to snub the World Superbike stage in favour of the British series and his concerns about British cuisine, read on to find out exactly what the 'turbo skid king' had to say...

Q - gregin8er
What do you think is a realistic target for your debut season, taking into account you've got a new bike and tracks to learn. Good luck!

Josh Brookes
The obvious answer by anyone doing what I do is that I expect to win. And in this case, I expect to win - that's my goal. The difference this time is that my team are in my opinion the best in the paddock, the bike is something I've ridden already and it's just incredible, and although I don't know the tracks, I been in this situation before and as a professional rider, you just deal with it.

Q - slideways
Why BSB and how does it fit into your career path? Do you have an agreement with Honda for a WSBK ride if you take the title for example?

Josh Brookes
BSB in a factory team like HM Plant Honda in my opinion is always going to be better than a private team in SBK. It was an easy decision for me to join HM Plant Honda, the career path is better because if I succeed, then I'm succeeding with a factory team. As to WSBK, I'm just focusing on BSB. The rest will take care of itself if I go well.

What has been for you, the best race of your career yet and why? Thanks and good luck.

Josh Brookes
Easily the 2004 WSS race at Phillip Island in which I was a Wild Card. Firstly because I achieved something that hadn't been done before in that class, and secondly it was the moment when something I achieved was due to my self belief, not what someone else thought I could do. Had I'd gone out and said prior to the race 'I am going to win' then I'd look like a crazy person, but I knew I could do it. And a massive thanks to Honda Australia for that bike and the support that weekend too!

Q - almo
Is BSB a two year programme, to learn circuits and bike in the first year and win championship second year out, or are you confident you can win the title first year out?

Josh Brookes
I only have a one year deal so far with HM Plant Honda, so it's not a 2 year deal thing, and my focus for 2009 is to win the Championship. Rather than use the word 'confident', I like to think 'focused'. I have the equipment, the Team, and support necessary to achieve this.

Q - Adam
The British series is generally regarded as the best domestic Superbike championship in the world, as an outsider coming in what do you think gives it the edge over the American, Japanese, Australian championships and why do so many foreign riders want to come and race here.

Josh Brookes
You're right Adam, I reckon it is the toughest domestic championship in the world. I believe it's because there is more money being invested by teams in the sport here. The tracks are challenging, the fans are the most passionate in the world, so it just gives the championship a huge momentum. The Aussie championship is tough too, but 3 men and a dog will turn out to watch a race day. Here, tens of thousands go. Also, being close to Europe helps keep the riders in the eye of the SBK and MotoGP teams.

Q - Daryl
What do you think about local racer Andrew Brown's retirement from racing? Was it too soon? Thanks for signing my shirt at the island - kick ass next season!

Josh Brookes
Devastating. I'm still getting over it. Way too soon.

Q - jezza
Are you really the turbo bus skid king?

Josh Brookes
The results just came back from my tests, and apparently it has been confirmed - yes I AM the turbo bus skid king (please in future just refer to me as TBSK) - thanks!

Q - Nigel Byran
How do you feel Max Biaggi will go on the Aprillia next season? Hope you get some wildcards in WSBK next year (better than Dietmars 250). Stick it to the big boys Joshy!

Josh Brookes
It'll be tough for him I think. He's a great rider though, multiple world champ, so if he can't do it, no-one can.
Q - damo
First let me say the way you ride reminds me of Anthony Gobert at his best, really spectacular! Are you disappointed not to get the Stiggy WSB ride after getting such good results on their Supersport bike (which was clearly underpowered)? Or was it your decision not to take that ride?

Josh Brookes
The toughest thing about leaving Stiggy was the team and relationships we built up. When we heard that HM Plant Honda might be an option for 2009, we looked into it, and on balance for me, it was a much better decision to go with a factory team in BSB, than to go with a privateer team in SBK. I did the privateer thing with Alto, and it was a disaster. In SBK, if you're not factory, you don't win. Look at the results over the last 15 years. So whilst I wish Stiggy all the best, I am wrapt to be with HM plant Honda.

Q - wendy oostrum
The financial problems seem to start affect the racing world now as well, with Honda stepping out of the Formula 1. Do you ever worry about the idea that this mess will affect the motor racing world as well? Will it be more difficult for sponsors and all now to sponsor you guys? And after Assen, did you already get more banners specially made for you? PS, hope to see you in the WSBK in 2010.

Josh Brookes
The problems out there in the financial world are completely out of my hands, so I don't think about it. It must be said though, sponsorship is always hard to get! Keep it simple, and just focus on racing. And no, after Assen , no more banners - you're still the original and the best yet!

Q - Alan
I asked the same question to Sylvain. Would you ever consider doing the TT? It would firmly put your name in history and would be a huge boost to the Worlds greatest race. No, I won't be doing the TT. I am not confident I won't fall off! Those guys who do it are absolutely amazing. The TT is a specialist's race, and you're right, is probably the world's greatest race. I'll watch the DVD...The Suzuka 8 Hour is my goal, outside winning championships - that's the coolest race for me.

Q - fast jack
Looking forward to watching you next season - how will you cope with British food and our lovely weather...what British track do you think will become your favourite?

Josh Brookes
My manager says British cuisine is an oxy-moron. But then, he's German...and didn't they line up to get over here a few years ago? I love the UK. It's a great place, the weather is what it is - we all have to race in it and I like the wet. And with my MotoX background, I think Cadwell could be my favourite...

Q - michael pierce
You used too rule the Creek (Eastern Creek). Do you ever think about going to try and break Mick Doohans 500cc world record? You're an Australian badass

Josh Brookes
Yes, I would like to go back; EC is one of my favourite circuits. And I'd love to take Mick's record. (sorry Mick)

Q - Nic Brew
What's the best thing you've found about moving to the UK? Do you miss Tooheys?

Josh Brookes
The best thing is it is more like being at home. The people speak my language, the British people have a sense of humour. No, I don't drink, so I don't miss Tooheys (I am the one Aussie who doesn't drink much).


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