In a wet second race Leon Haslam made a late charge from down the field to win here at round seven of the British Superbike Championship from the wet Brands Hatch GP circuit. Sean Emmett took second with Yukio Kagayama in third.

John Reynolds led for most of the race after making a charge from tenth off the grid. At one point he was two seconds a lap quicker than the rest of the field. Unfortunately he had slow puncture in his rear tire which led to him slowing in the final laps by nearly ten seconds a lap, this saw JR finish in seventh.

JR's team mate, Yukio Kagayama, didn't get the start he wanted and was relegated to third off the start. However he managed to keep this position to finish third. A brilliant result as Yuki is still recovering from a broken collar bone.

Scott Smart made a brilliant start which saw him in fourth by the second lap. Smart then moved up to third and was challenging Kagayama in second.

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JR's main championship rival, Michael Rutter, finished in fourteenth place after suffering from an electrical problem from the second lap. Not a good day at the office for the Honda squad, Rutter had hoped to take the championship lead from John Reynolds, but the Blades luck wasn't in at Brands.

James Haydon who has been standing in for the injured Steve Plater, had a good race and held second position at one point. He was relegated to third by the hard charging Reynolds, and then had the other blue Rizla Suzuki of Kagayama-san steal a potential podium place from him on lap nine.

Emmett local favourite lead from the off and was holding a 5.362 lead over Reynolds, when Reynolds decided to fight back. Although, still riding with a broken collar bone, the steely Reynolds reeled in Emmett and by lap nine was firmly in the lead and pulling away. Unfortunately for John his luck was to run out on just two laps from the end, and six riders were able to slip past him as his tyre deflated.

Further down the field Leon Haslam was making his presence felt. From tenth position he managed to pick off one rider at a time. On lap 13 he had reached sixth position and in one lap he managed to move up two places. The podium was firmly in Leon's sights as he continued his run of form. He finally made his move for the front on lap 19 and got his second podium of this season. Dad Ron Haslam said it was the best Fathers Day present he could ever have had!

Race two top ten
1. Leon Haslam Renegade Ducati
2. Sean Emmett Monstermob Ducati
3. Yukio Kagayama Rizla Suzuki
4. James Haydon Virgin Yamaha
5. Scott Smart Hawk Kawasaki
6. John McGuinness Hawk Kawasaki
7. John Reynolds Rizla Suzuki
8. Tommy Hill Virgin Yamaha
9. Craig Coxhell Vitrans Honda
10. Gary Mason Virgin Yamaha