Vauxhall, the most successful team in recent years in the HiQ MSA British Touring Car Championship, will bring the curtain down on its time in the sport this weekend when the 2009 season draws to a close at Brands Hatch.

The Luton-based manufacturer has picked up no fewer than eight drivers' titles, seven manufacturers' titles and four teams' titles since joining the series back in 1989 and will hope to add to that tally in its swansong this weekend - with the announcement having been made earlier in the season that it was to leave the sport.

Already, VX Racing has provisionally secured an eight manufacturer's title, while Fabrizio Giovanardi remains in contention for his third straight drivers title. The Italian, aided by Matt Neal and Andrew Jordan, has also taken VX Racing to the brink of the teams' championship.

As part of the celebration of Vauxhall's time in the BTCC, a number of former drivers are due to appear at Brands Hatch, including former champions John Cleland and Yvan Muller, while Vauxhall will also have a range of cars on display, from Cleland's Astra B GTE to Cavalier and the hugely successful Astra Coupe.

Vauxhall BTCC drivers: 1989-2009 (Works drivers only)

1989 John Cleland, Louise Aitken Walker, Jeremy Rossiter 1991 John Cleland, Jeff Allam, Bob Berridge, David Coulthard 1992 James Thompson, John Cleland, Jeff Allam, Bob Berridge, David Coulthard 1993 John Cleland, Jeff Allam 1994 John Cleland, Jeff Allam 1995 John Cleland, James Thompson, Jeff Allam* , Mike Briggs* 1996 John Cleland, James Thompson 1997 John Cleland, Derek Warwick 1998 John Cleland, Derek Warwick 1999 John Cleland, Yvan Muller 2000 Yvan Muller, Jason Plato, Vincent Radermecker 2001 Yvan Muller, Jason Plato 2002 Yvan Muller, James Thompson 2003 Yvan Muller, James Thompson, Paul O'Neill 2004 Yvan Muller, James Thompson, Luke Hines 2005 Yvan Muller, Colin Turkington, Gavin Smith 2006 Fabrizio Giovanardi, Tom Chilton, Gavin Smith 2007 Fabrizio Giovanardi, Tom Chilton, Alain Menu 2008 Fabrizio Giovanardi, Matt Neal, Tom Onslow-Cole 2009 Fabrizio Giovanardi, Matt Neal, Andrew Jordan

* denotes stand-ins for injured James Thompson

Vauxhall BTCC success:

1989 Drivers' title (Cleland) 1992 Manufacturers title 1995 Drivers' title (Cleland) 2001 Drivers' title (Plato), Manufacturers' title, Teams' title 2002 Drivers' title (Thompson), Manufacturers' title, Teams' title 2003 Drivers' title (Muller), Manufacturers' title, Teams' title 2004 Drivers' title (Thompson), Manufacturers' title 2005 Manufacturers' title 2007 Drivers' title (Giovanardi), Manufacturers' title 2008 Drivers' title (Giovanardi), Manufacturers' title, Teams' title 2009 Manufacturers'/Constructors' title (Provisional)