TOCA will implement a series of technical and sporting regulation tweaks for the 2015 Dunlop MSA British Touring Car Championship, including a plan to better equalise the performance of front and rear-wheel drive cars.

TOCA has come into criticism for failing to ensure a better performance balance of the rear-wheel drive cars compared with their front-wheel drive conterparts, specifically the BMW 1-Series of new champion Colin Turkington.

With this in mind, and the prospect of more RWD cars entering the series next year, TOCA says it will increase the current level of success ballast 'considerably' from 45kg, though the exact figure hasn't been determined. Furthermore, RWD cars must carry the ballast as far forward in the cabin as possible in order to better equalise the performance.

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In addition to these changes, the new draft reveals the second of the three BTCC race will see its grid determined by the fastest laps of race one, a format that has been used to success in the British Superbike Championship. Race three will remain a reverse grid format.

Full regulations as released by TOCA (not final, subject to amendment before 2015 season)

- The amount of success ballast will considerably increase from the current level of a maximum 45kg's. The exact increases will be finalized following further analysis. Rear-wheel drive (RWD) cars will carry their success ballast as far forward in the cabin as possible, in order to better equalise the front to rear weight balance between both drivetrain formats.

- Cosworth and Xtrac will independently analyse the start-line performances and in-gear acceleration of front and rear-wheel drive cars with a view to more equalising them through engine management programming.
All engines have now been re-tested and re-validated by both TOCA and an independent specialist company - this will result in a boost level being set for each car/engine type for the season. As the larger amount of success ballast will have a greater effect than before, the lap-time boost level adjustment can be dropped.

- Each car must still use the Dunlop Sport Maxx 'Soft Tyre' for one race per 9 events* but each car must use them three times in race 1, three times in race 2 and three times in race 3 during the course of the season. (*Thruxton event does not apply as the soft tyre is not used at the venue)

- The grid for race 2 at each event will be set in the order of the fastest lap times achieved in race 1. If during race 1 a driver changes one or more tyres of the same type then any quicker lap time (if achieved) after that tyre change will be discounted.

- It is anticipated that The Jack Sears Trophy will be awarded to the top 'Rookie Driver', providing enough new drivers enter to make it worthwhile. Otherwise it will be awarded to the top single-car team of the year.