Ferrari President Sergio Marchionne has repeated his quit threat to see the iconic Italian squad leave Formula 1 as he takes aim at former Ferrari head Ross Brawn’s plans.

Speaking at Ferrari’s pre-Christmas media lunch, Marchionne has warned new F1 owners Liberty Media “they are playing with fire” on the Italian manufacturer’s place in the sport. Marchionne feels a drive towards standardising engine parts and rules is “against the DNA” of F1 and is demanding a rethink from Liberty’s sporting managing director Ross Brawn.

This is the second quit threat from the Ferrari President in the space of a month, while the manufacturer has made similar comments before which have fallen on deaf ears with Ferrari not taking it any further. But is this call different to the previous threats?

With Ferrari potentially set for a hit in prize money from the start of 2021 plus engine rules not to the team’s ideals, is it time to start taking these threats seriously? Given the value of racing in F1 to Ferrari and the sport's most recognisable brand, will it ever quit? Is F1 imaginable without Ferrari?

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Lets hope they do. Ferrari has manipulated F1 for their own purpose for far too long. 

F1 racing should be on a much more level playing field because what we have seen in the last 20 or so years with one team dominating at various stages is just plain boring. 

They won’t leave but I hope liberty don’t bow down to their pathetic threats. 

If they want to leave then let them! F1 would do just fine if not better without Ferrari constantly trying to bully the sport into something they want.

ferrari has always been the benchmark for others to aim for.  so, to lose the only team that has had a continuous presence in f1 and is not a "fly by night " team, would be a huge loss for F1.

marchionne is correct, standardisation of engine parts etc would make F1 no better than F E.

A little red bird told me that Ferrari will leave sooner rather than later as Marchionne has a passion for dirt sprint racing in the USA with those huge advertising boards on top!

It's interesting to see Toto carrying Marchionne's water pails, isn't it?