Paul, first of all, you're coming here off the back of your best-ever result in Singapore, your hopes for this race.

Paul di Resta:
I suppose to lead off where we finished in Singapore. It was obviously a great result, I think, given Monza qualifying and then taking the penalty, having a reasonable race but then going to Singapore and doing a bit better. Certainly it was a very strong fourth towards the latter stages of the race. A lot of points needed, obviously, to try to catch the Saubers, y'know, and thankfully they didn't score. But this will be a testing track for us and we know it's going to be a lot of hard work to try to achieve some good points for us.

Kamui, obviously the home favourite: is that a distraction or an encouragement for you when you come here to Suzuka?

Kamui Kobayashi:
I think it's more an encouragement, that means it's great to be here, back to Suzuka, which is a really great circuit and my favourite as well. And definitely our car could be competitive here as well. After Singapore, which is a little bit difficult circuit for us, back to Suzuka which is our best track, I think it will be great. Really, there will be a big amount of power from a lot of fans and the Japanese people at the race.

Felipe, on pole and a second place here in the past. What are your hopes for this weekend?

Felipe Massa:
Similar result to what you just said! The track is really fantastic here, it's a great place, very challenging to drive here, y'know? One of the best tracks, so, looking forward for a good result at the end, a good race for us.

Lewis, you had success at Fuji but third place here, a podium obviously, in 2009. What are your thoughts about coming to this race?

Lewis Hamilton:
I generally love coming here, the whole trip's been fantastic so far and the track is one of the best in the world. It's one that I haven't won at before but we've got a car that I think can win - so let's hope it's a better weekend.

Sergio, 17th on the grid to eighth place last year, which is a pretty good drive and an interesting tyre strategy as well. Kamui says it's a circuit that really suits the car, what are your hopes?

Sergio Perez:
Yes, I think it's a really good circuit for our car. Last year we didn't have such a good car as this year and still we managed to come from the back of the grid - we had a failure, a problem in qualifying in Q1, so we start really from 17th and managed to do a good race, a good strategy as you just said, so I'm looking forward a lot of fight for the victory here. I think we've got a very strong car at this circuit.

Jenson, 12 out of 12 races you've finished here. That's a pretty good record, you've never retired, never had to walk home. Last year's winner as well, what are your expectations?

Jenson Button:
Well obviously I've got a little penalty which doesn't help, especially around here because it's not the easiest place to overtake - but I'm really excited. I think this is one of the most special races on the calendar for all of us. We love - well I personally love - driving this circuit, it's a real challenge and a circuit you love to win on. Especially with the crowd here, the spectators are very supportive of us all so it's a special place to win. A good result is something I'm obviously looking for. The win is more difficult than it would have been without the penalty but it's still definitely a possibility and we're doing everything we can to make it possible.