The long August summer break has been great for F1 personnel who get to stay at home with their families for a few weeks rather than jetting off to the next Grand Prix venue every five minutes, but it has left us eager fans rather frustrated and chomping at the bit from the lack of action!

Only another week to go till Spa gets things underway once more, but in the meantime we have the perfect opportunity to fit in an extra F1 quiz to get our brains fired up and ticking over again with a chance to review the season to date and make sure we're all on top of what's been happening in the 2013 world championship.

So here are ten questions, each one containing a summary description of what happened at a particular Grand Prix. All you have to do it put the pieces together and tell us which race is being described in each case. We haven't pulled any 'tricks' on you on this one, so chances are that if you've been paying attention to the F1 action this year then you'll recognise most if not all of the events being described - but you might find it trickier than you thought to actually match them to a particular race.

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Ten questions, ten Grand Prix events up to now in 2013 - it doesn't take a maths genius to work out that this means that each GP appears once and only once in the quiz. If you find yourself giving the same answer for two different descriptions then that's your clue that something's gone awry!

Try steering clear of the racing news archive (either here at or elsewhere via Google and Wikipedia) to best see how much you remember of the year to date, and that way you'll deserve any bragging that you choose to do about your result in the comments section.

Ready to start? Then CLICK HERE to take the our Summer Holiday quiz, and the best of luck to you!