Drivers: Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull Racing), Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) and Romain Grosjean (Lotus F1).

Questions From The Floor

Q: (Abhishek Takle - Mid-Day)
Sebastian, I think you had a gap of around 0.6s after the initial runs in Q3. You chose to sit the last run out; were you surprised by the amount of time these guys gained? In the end the gap was less than a tenth.

Sebastian Vettel:
Well, it's difficult to expect. I knew that obviously we had a cushion which is why we decided not to run again but the thing you don't know is how much the track improves so I'm sure that there was a little bit of track ramping up plus the fact that if you run again you get a better feel for the tyres, for the track and you get a little bit more out of yourself, so we thought it was good enough and in the end it was good enough. But yeah, it was probably a bit closer. Both of them, Nico and Romain, had a very strong middle sector but fortunately my last sector was strong enough to keep them just behind.

Q: Just for clarity, on the radio you said you thought you could find another tenth when you were asked, and you didn't look 100 percent convinced when you got out of the car, so was it a team decision rather than your decision?

Sebastian Vettel:
No, it's a decision we, we... obviously Rocky (race engineer Guillaume Rocquelin) asked me whether I was happy not to run again and stay in the garage and I said 'yes, I'm happy.' He asked before that how much I thought I could improve if I went again. I told him that probably there was a tenth, maybe two. You take a little bit of track into account, a little bit of yourself, how much the track ramps up is difficult to know so I thought there was a tenth in me - it is the most famous tenth in the world, that all the drivers seem to have in their pocket but they couldn't get it out in qualifying so it's still there somewhere. It was very close and it's not the best feeling when you stand there and watch.

Q: (Livio Oricchio - O Estado de Sao Paulo)
Nico, we have some similarities between this race and the Hungarian Grand Prix until now, that Lewis starts better than Sebastian, got the lead in the first corner and then finished the race, he won the race. Do you think you always have the pace in race conditions to keep in front of Sebastian or here the overtaking possibilities mean that he can't overtake you?

Nico Rosberg:
Lewis was on pole in Hungary, I'm second here so it's a bit different. Not sure. I'll give it a go. For sure, he's quicker on race pace, we saw that on Friday so if I can get by, then it's possible that I can stay in front but it's all down to the start. I think the left hand side has a little bit less grip than the right hand side on this track at the start but we will see. It's possible.

Q: (Michael Schmidt - Auto, Motor und Sport)
Nico, where did the big jump from the first outing to the second come from? Was it just the circuit being better, was it because maybe you have been a bit conservative in your first outing or did you change something on the wing setting or whatever for the last outing?

Nico Rosberg:
Very difficult to explain. I don't know. I didn't expect such an improvement either but I think it was the same for everybody so maybe it's down to the track ramping up or cooling down a bit more, track temperature dropping or something of the sort. I'm not sure.

Were you surprised by how much quicker the used supersofts were when you went out on them the second time at the beginning of Q2? Sebastian maybe take it first.

Sebastian Vettel:
I didn't go out on them.

Nico Rosberg:
Was I surprised at the time I could do? Not really, no, because I knew the track was getting better and I saw what my teammate did in Q1, pushing, so no, I wasn't surprised.

Q: (Don Kennedy - Hawke's Bay Today)
Sebastian, you've won the last two races here, you're on pole and you're probably anything from half a second to a second faster than everybody else. Do you think now we can expect you to be more confident about not only winning this race tomorrow but also the championship?

Sebastian Vettel:
I think it was quite close. Whether... I think the track ramped up, whether we could have gone with that we don't know because we didn't do the run but I'm sure we had a little bit of time in hand. But yeah, for tomorrow I think the car feels fine, the race pace looked very strong on Friday, yesterday, so yeah, if all goes well we should have a very good chance to get a strong result but to be honest with you, I try... I'm not just trying... I do keep it very simple. I've got to do my homework. Just because of the fact that the last couple of races were pretty good doesn't mean that there's a guarantee that this one will be good again and the next one and so on and so forth. I think it's the wrong strategy to lean back and see what the others can do. You might get surprised, so we keep going flat out, I keep pushing myself 100 percent. The target tomorrow is to win, not only for the championship but more so, to be honest with you, because it's such a nice race. That means a lot to me. As I touched on, the challenge around here is one of the biggest we face all year so that's why it means a lot to finish this race on the podium and even better if you can win it. You don't have to be a genius (to work out) if you win, you score more points than the others and it feeds on itself.

Transcript courtesy FIA.


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