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What are your hopes for the second half of the season?

Well I think of course we need to fight to score a point. To do that we need to get performance from the car with the updates; we've had everything right now for the last couple of months. So let's see what we can do. Basically I think our target is to score a point and that's where to start. For the moment I think we have to fight with Marussia, this is the target, but I think after Spa we have to look more for points.

Is that a realistic target? Can you see a certain race where you could score a point or do you just have to hope for a crazy one?

Well performance-wise of course we need to add performance, but in the end if we have the chance and there's some big accident or whatever then we have to take this opportunity. We must take this chance as it could be the only chance for us, maybe.

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Do you feel the team wasn't quite ready to take that opportunity in Monaco?

We had the opportunity to be in the points or whatever but my car was damaged in the accident with Bianchi, which was a great shame but that's racing.

Is that annoying? Because that could easily have been investigated couldn't it? For the FIA it may seem a small incident but it could cost millions...


Did you speak to the FIA?

Yeah I spoke to them, but... (shrugs)

They don't care? Do you feel like they don't pay enough attention to what happens further down the grid?

Yeah, exactly, this is always a problem. During qualifying, with traffic, it's another story. If we are doing green sectors but some top team affects us they don't care. This has always happened. But if we do exactly the same with a top team then we straight away get penalised or a reprimand or whatever...

What about your own future here; are you confident that you'll be here for the rest of the season?

No, no, no, there's no guarantee for sure. I don't know, I think even the team owner doesn't know the situation. But I need to believe. I'm not like the employees in the company, actually, I'm more independent. So if I'm doing good then maybe I have to believe I'll have the opportunities to race, if I'm not good then maybe I'll have to leave. I don't know.

Are you worried that someone with money could come in and take your seat?

I'm not worried. I just need to focus on my job to give me the opportunity to race more.

Have they said to you that there might be a chance they have to change the driver line-up this year? During the year?

Of course. They don't know, but they're still thinking.

Does that mean you just go out there and race with freedom because you never know when it will be your last race?


Does that take the pressure off or add more pressure?
It's the same for me, the same feeling. If I feel pressure there's nothing to gain. I just feel that this is life. As I've not been here for a long time it could happen. I know the team situation. When the new owners invest some money they are going to have some performance, and I don't think a rookie driver could deliver something good.

You think you're the best driver to deliver the results...

I think so.

And what about next year; have you looked to the future? If you're still here at the end of the year would you be open to another season with the team?

Yeah of course I'm very open. Currently I don't have any contract for next year...

Are you looking at other options?

Yes, I'm looking at everything.

Are there any obvious options that you can see happening?

No. Of course I want to be in Formula One, that's the biggest priority. Then of course I want to fight in the points and I want to fight higher in the championship.

Will that be a last-minute decision or will you be able to get it sorted earlier?

Actually there's not much movement this time because the top teams are not really announcing anything, they look like they could be the same.

So will you have to wait?

Maybe. Of course we have to look already but you can't decide straight away like that.

Finally, on Japan - the last time you raced there you were on the podium which must have been a really special occasion for you. Is it somewhere you're looking forward to returning to this year?

Yeah, it wasn't easy getting on the podium. But racing in front of the Japanese fans is great, with the whole atmosphere and everything, I'm really looking forward to going back there.

Have you found the support is as big as it was before even though you're further own the grid?

We have a lot of support, of course. They appreciate what I'm doing, but it's not like as much as we had in 2012. In 2012 we were fighting for podiums, starting on the front row, I think the spectators had more opportunity to enjoy the racing but now I'm not even on the TV because I'm at the back. It's not easy.