Kamui Kobayashi admits that his start to the 2010 F1 season has been beset by 'bad luck' as the Japanese racer targets his first finish of the year in Malaysia this weekend.

Kobayashi, who impressed in two races with Toyota at the end of the 2009 campaign, has failed to finish either race to date - with mechanical issues forcing him out in Bahrain and a front-wing failure on the opening lap at Albert Park seeing him crash out in Australia.

"I think the last two races for me were very really bad luck," he admitted. "In the first one I had a problem with the hydraulics which I was not really expecting from the winter test. In the last race I think the front wing failed, but also for me it was quite difficult.

"Last year the last two races for me were great. I had no testing, like only eight months and I expected it to be really hard but the car had good potential. I spent two years as a test driver, so it was very easy to communicate with everybody and really easy to get there. This year it's a new team and we have to work hard.

"At the moment I am not showing the performance myself as I didn't finish race, but the most important thing in the future is to finish the race."

Admitting that expects an improvement from the Sauber team at Sepang, Kobayashi added that the team was aware that it needed to work on its front wing after his three failures in Melbourne.

"The first one was because of my mistake at the beginning (of free practice)," he said. "I hit a pylon at the fast corner. I think we tried to repair it and maybe there was still a problem with it and maybe some mis-communication in the team and we didn't change the complete kit of the front wing. I think that was the problem with the second wing. And the last wing was maybe because of some contact with someone.

"It was not really a big crash, or whatever, but maybe I touched the front wing just a little bit and suddenly after some corners, I think it was after the start with (Vitaly) Petrov and then turn three with Tonio (Liuzzi) and this was our only chance, and after turn five the wing was on but suddenly I lost the front wing on the straight. For me there was nothing to do. We just have to make a stronger front wing."