It's one of the more bizarre deals announced in F1, but Fernando Alonso has had his thumbs insured by personal sponsor Santander - at a value of 10 million Euros.

The deal was announced during a press conference at the Santander headquarters near Madrid, with the sponsorship deal with Santander's insurance branch including the provision to specifically cover the Spaniard's thumbs.

"Alonso's thumbs are a big symbol as, apart from being essential when driving a Formula 1 car, they represent a sign of victory and that everything is under control and well protected," the banking group said.

Alonso himself said the somewhat unusual deal had come about due to the risks involved in his profession.

"Being close to risk in my profession made me understand that protection is a fundamental aspect," he said. "I knew that Santander is the best bank in the world, but now I discovered that they are also leaders in insurances. So I could only choose one of the best possible partners in this field."

Santander is also a sponsor of Alonso's Ferrari team.


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