Michael Schumacher has come under fire for the move on Rubens Barrichello that almost saw the pair clash in the closing stages of the Hungarian Grand Prix.

Schumacher forced his former team-mate towards the pit wall as the battled for tenth place in the closing stages of the race in a move Barrichello claimed was one of the most dangerous he had experienced during his career.

The move drew criticism as soon as it happened from Martin Brundle during his BBC commentary, while Eddie Jordan and David Coulthard also attacked what they felt was an unnecessary move from the German.

"That is naughty from Michael," Brundle said. "That was too close for comfort; that was closing the door too late. If Michael wanted to be next to the wall, he should have put it [the car] next to the wall, not waited for Rubens to be next to him. That was completely out of order."

"Michael didn't defend early enough and then once he had defended, he kept going too late," DC added. "You have a car alongside you, you have to give it up. If he didn't want Rubens to go on the inside, he should have moved earlier. For all his greatness, Michael doesn't know how to give it up."

Former racer Alex Wurz was also scathing of Schumacher's driving with the Austrian suggesting that Schumacher could have faced a ban for his actions on track.

"He's a seven times world champion and he knew exactly what he was doing, he did it absolutely deliberately," he said. "If there had been a collision it can be fatal. He was looking in his mirror for around 200 metres, so if he didn't see where Rubens was going either the mirror doesn't work, and the car is not legal, or he should see a doctor and maybe not have an FIA super licence."