An investigation has been launched into how Ferrari star Felipe Massa was able to substantially overshoot his grid slot when lining up for the start of the 2010 Belgian Grand Prix at Spa-Francorchamps just over a week ago without penalty.

Amateur footage subsequently posted on YouTube clearly showed that the #7 scarlet machine was some way ahead of its markings shortly prior to the lights going out in the Ardennes, and BBC F1 commentator Martin Brundle remarked at the time that the Brazilian was at least 'two metres' in front of where he should have been - thereby providing him with a handy advantage over his fellow drivers.

However, neither stewards nor rival teams appeared to notice the error, meaning FIA race director Charlie Whiting was similarly unaware of the issue - and according to British newspaperThe Daily Telegraph, no signal was sent to the tarmac sensor by the transponder on the floor of the Paulista's F10 due to the fact that he was just too far out-of-position.

"As no further information or complaints were received before the publication of the official result on the Sunday night, the classification of the Belgian Grand Prix will now remain unchanged," an FIA spokeswoman is quoted as having said by ESPN F1. "The FIA are investigating the causes of the apparent failures in communication with race control in order to ensure a repetition is not possible."


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