Britain's Jenson Button has hailed his F1 2011 Canadian Grand Prix triumph the 'best of his career'.

Button put in a fantastic drive in the tricky conditions and eventually took the lead on the very final lap after hunting down Sebastian Vettel and pressurising the German into a mistake.

It was a great comeback, especially after a collision with his own McLaren team-mate, Lewis Hamilton and an incident with Fernando Alonso, and in total he stopped six times - including one drive-through - en-route to his tenth F1 victory.

"That was the best victory of my career, and today is therefore a very special day for me. I fought my way from last to first to win the race, and I overtook the cars in front of me on the track. To win a grand prix by getting one over on your rivals with a series of strong overtaking moves makes it even better," Button said.

"Races in changing conditions are always very tricky - but I love it when you've got to search for grip on the track rather than knowing in advance where it is.

"It was an amazing victory - I don't think it could have been any better, especially after Monte-Carlo where we thought we had a win in the bag but were then disappointed at the very end. I was a little bit fortunate today when Sebastian [Vettel] made a mistake on the last lap, but I think we deserved that bit of luck!

"As far as the incident with Lewis is concerned, I couldn't see a thing behind me except a blur of Vodafone rocket-red, but that could have been my rear wing: obviously, it's the same colour as Lewis's car. I moved to the left, which is the racing line, then I felt a bang, and I feared it was game over for both of us.

"Lewis knows that I didn't do it on purpose, and I know that he didn't do it on purpose either. I spoke to him before the race restarted, and it's all good.

"I want to offer big congrats to Dave [Robson], my race engineer. We haven't won together before, so this is a very special result for him as well as for me. Now, I just want to enjoy this moment; it's been a long time coming and it couldn't have been much sweeter.

"I can't stop smiling now!"


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I agree, the normal racing line is far from the wall, or at least if he would have take the racing line, Hamilton could have put his car next to him without hiting the wall.
I’m not saying Button did it on purpose, just that he tried to close the door a tad to late, that’s all

@ simon
It was Buttons fault but wasnt deliberate, its not his style to take someone out on purpose let alone your team mate. No action should be taken in my opinion

As Brundle pointedout, Button was looking in his mirrurs on the side Lewis was trying to pass even Brundle deosn't like aa Hamilton. bla bla bla