Ahead of his appearance on Jonathan Ross' new ITV chat show tonight (Saturday), former F1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton has been described by his notoriously colourful and outspoken interviewer as being 'about as charismatic as a clam'.

Hamilton will be the first person to appear on the show, followed by Sex and the City actress Sarah Jessica Parker and singer Adele - and Ross has playfully promised to 'tickle' revelations out of the McLaren-Mercedes star.

When it was put to Ross by Radio 1 DJ Chris Moyles on his BBC breakfast show that the 16-time grand prix-winner 'is a nice guy but he is quite shy', the television presenter - who so famously courted major controversy and found himself briefly suspended by the Beeb after leaving lewd messages on actor Andrew Sachs' answerphone during a guest appearance on comedian Russell Brand's radio show in 2008 - was more than a little acerbic in his response.

"That will be my job, to bring him out of his little shell," the 50-year-old mused. "Some of us know how to get to someone who looks to be about as charismatic as a clam. By the time I have finished my magic, I will have tickled that little whelk and he will be out for all to see - you can tell him that from me."