In recent months, we've been asking you to vote for your favourite F1 Minimal Movie Posters - the designs created by graphic designer Russell Ford in order to give a range of famous film titles an F1 twist.

Now its time to reveal your ten favourites, with the winner reflecting one of the main stories of the 2011 season, where Lewis Hamilton and Felipe Massa enjoyed a rather public falling out after a number of on-track incidents.

As a result, you chose Public Enemies as Russell's top design - all of which can be seen at the link below and all of which are due to go on sale to the public in the near future.

F1 Minimal Movie Posters - Top ten:

1. Public Enemies
2. Senna
3. This Is England
4. I Am Legend
5. Drive Angry
6. Cliffhanger
7. Dabanng
8. Man On Fire
9. Out Of Sight
10. Goldfinger

To view the fill list of F1 Minimal Movie Posters, simply CLICK HERE

NB: Christmas Vacation, A Good Year, Superman, The Usual Suspects and Hot Fuzz were not included in the voting results as they were created after the poll had started