The issue of engine mapping is set to be discussed by teams when F1's technical working group meets today [Monday] in the aftermath of the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim.

No action was taken against Red Bull by race stewards on the morning of the race after F1 technical delegate raised his concerns about the legality of the map used by the team during practice and qualifying.

Teams are likely to raise the issue when the working group meets and Red Bull boss Christian Horner said there could be a clarification into the rules issued before the Hungarian Grand Prix this weekend.

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"I'm sure there's going to be debate about it," Horner was quoted by ESPNF1. "Conveniently, there's a Technical Working Group meeting tomorrow and I'm sure this will no doubt go on to the agenda. But the regulations are clear, so there could well be further technical directives that are designed to further clarify those regulations."

Horner however insisted there was no question about the legality of the Red Bull car and that it conformed to the regulations.

"There's no clause in the regulations that refers to the spirit of the regulations," he said. "I think that the regulations are fairly straight forward and it's either in or out and it can't be a little bit in or a little bit out. Renault made their case very clearly and the stewards listened to the discussion and looked at all the evidence, not just from this race but from all of the races, and deemed that the regulation, which in fairness is trying to deal with a very complex issue, was in full compliance with the regulations."