August proving a little too quiet for you? Already pining for the return of the roar of F1 engines out on track? Had enough of that minor little sporting event going on in East London? Then maybe what you need is a 2012 mid-season summer quiz pick-me-up!

We've put together a test of your knowledge of the year so far and mixed it with some interesting facts and history about each Grand Prix venue to make it especially trivia-tastic and get your August holidays off to a fun start.

Each question describes a Grand Prix already held in 2012. Since there have been 11 GPs so far this season, there are 11 questions for you in this quiz: each Grand Prix is the answer to one (and only one) of the descriptions. That might help you out if you realise that you've already used an answer as a guess early on, only to find that it actually pops up later on.

We reckon you'll find this quiz fairly easy - it's summertime, after all! - but we've had some fun with the descriptions as well, and tried to include a few red herrings along the way to see if we can't catch you out.

It's best if you avoid looking things up online through Google, Wikipedia and the rest as you go, although in this case that probably isn't as much help as it often can be with general knowledge tests. That means that it should be a good measure of your F1 wisdom and your ability to see through the misdirection, and you'll deserve any bragging that you choose to do about your result in the comments section.

Ready to start? Then CLICK HERE to take the quiz, and the best of British Summer Time luck to you!