You can't say that Romain Grosjean hasn't made an impact in F1 in 2012 since fighting his way back into a race seat.

Unfortunately that impact has all too often been into the rear ends of other drivers' cars, and tempers are beginning to fray when it comes to discussion of the Frenchman's driving abilities after it happened again during the Japanese GP.

Mark Webber labelled him a "first-lap nutcase" after his own race in Japan was effectively ruined by Grosjean's latest mishap, and after the race he stormed down to the Lotus garage to have words with the Frenchman. An apology was forthcoming, but that did little to placate Webber or his team boss Christian Horner, who both called for something to be done to teach Grosjean a lesson once and for all.

So does Grosjean need another 'holiday', as Webber described it, to follow-up the one-race ban he received in Spa for triggering a multi-car wreck into La Source off the starting grid at Spa? Or maybe he should be benched for even longer than just one race - perhaps the rest of the season, or beyond?

Or perhaps you feel that the ten-second stop-go penalty he received at Suzuka - the harshest in-race sanction at the discretion of the race stewards - was the right call and that the matter is over and done with? Perhaps Grosjean is being singled out for criticism and is being over-penalised just because he's in the crosshairs?

It's time for you to let us know what you think they should do about Grosjean's situation.

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