The FIA has announced a dramatic rise in the entry fees for the 2013 Formula One World Championship, with a new system being introduced that will see the fee paid being dependent on past performance.

Previously, teams paid a standard entry fee each year, with the figure being set at 309,000 Euro - or around $398,000 US - for the 2012 season.

That means the FIA would have taken a total of almost $4.8 million in entry fees from the twelve teams for the current campaign.

Under the revised fees however, teams will pay a flat fee of $500,000 US with additional payments beyond that dependent on championship positions this season.

The winning team in the constructors' championship will be forced to pay an additional $6,000 US for each point scored this season, while remaining teams will pay an additional $5,000 US for every championship point.

While that means the likes of Marussia, Caterham and HRT are set to pay the basic entry of $500,000, Red Bull already face the prospect of paying more than $2.9 million with three races still to run this season.

Had the rule been in place this season, Red Bull would have faced an entry fee of $4.4 million thanks to its success in 2011 while McLaren - who finished second in 2011 - would have paid $2.985 million.

The entry fees currently facing the teams, based on the championship standings heading into the Abu Dhabi GP are as follows:

1. Red Bull Racing 407pts $2.942m
2. Ferrari 316pts $2.080m
3. McLaren 306pts $2.030m
4. Lotus 263pts $1.815m
5. Mercedes 136pts $1.180m
6. Sauber 116pts $1.080m
7. Force India 93pts $965,000
8. Williams 59pts $795,000
9. Toro Rosso 21pts $605,000
10. Marussia 0pts $500,000
11. Caterham 0pts $500,000
12. HRT 0pts $500,000


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