The chances of the Valencia street circuit making a return to F1 in future appear to be falling after Spanish media reports that the venue is starting to fall into a state of disrepair.

Having first been used in 2008, the circuit hosted its final F1 race in June last year but didn't feature on the calendar for 2013; being replaced by New Jersey before that race was then delayed by at least twelve months.

According to a report in Marca, the street circuit is already starting to fall into a state of disrepair, barely seven months after home hero Fernando Alonso secured a stunning victory in last year's European Grand Prix.

A video filmed at the circuit shows missing electronics and wiring, flooded access tunnels and sewers without any manhole covers - also stating that 'a bridge that cost two million [is] now only used by homeless to spend the night'.

"Only seven months ago, the last Grand Prix of Europe was held at the track," the report read. "Now, far from the glamour, the neighbours complain that there is no supervision and that thieves have taken everything that was worth anything."