Max Chilton has apologised to Pastor Maldonado his part in the accident that saw the Williams man crash out of the Monaco Grand Prix.

The Venezuelan went off at speed into the barriers at Tabac after Chilton moved across on him on the run to the corner - with damage to the tyre wall forcing the race to be halted while repairs were carried out.

Chilton was later handed a drive-through penalty for causing the accident and he said he had spoken to Maldonado to apologise.

The Marussia man would go on to take the chequered flag in 14th place.

"With regard to the accident with Pastor, Esteban [Gutierrez] made a late lunge into the chicane and I could see he was locked up so I had to take action to avoid him, which meant missing the chicane. I rejoined coming out of turn eleven and the apex to turn twelve was fast approaching. I was aware that someone was behind me but not alongside me. The stewards determined a drive-through penalty for me and I accept that decision.

"After the race I went to see Pastor to check he was okay. The incident made for a difficult rest of the race but all I could do was concentrate on the best result for the team and, problems aside, I think we have to be pleased with the end result."

Maldonado himself was again left frustrated at failing to score, and said he just wanted to focus on the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, where Williams will seek to break its duck for the season.

"It was an unfortunate incident today with the Marussia car and the impact was quite big," he said. "Fortunately I am ok and the stewards took immediate action. We need to move on from a disappointing weekend but I'm looking forward to the next race in Canada, where we will be continuing to demonstrate the improvements in the car."