Ahead of this weekend's F1 2013 British Grand Prix we wanted to know what has been your favourite race at Silverstone since 2000.

Voting closed on Friday and we can reveal the winner, from the ten-short listed, is the event from 2008, when then McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton took what he regards as one of his best victories in extremely wet conditions. Mark Webber's popular win from 2010 - when he famously said 'Not bad for a number two driver, eh?' at the end of the race - was second, while the Aussie's victory from last season came in third.

The full results, along with the rating out of ten, are as follows (and if you want a reminder about what happened - just click on the relevant one)...

Your favourite British GP since 2000 - Full results

1. 2008 (Lewis Hamilton wins) 7.73 out of ten
2. 2010 (Mark Webber wins) 7.22 out of ten
3. 2012 (Mark Webber wins) 6.71 out of ten
4. 2011 (Fernando Alonso) 6.53 out of ten
5. 2007 (Kimi Raikkonen wins) 6.44 out of ten
6. 2003 (Rubens Barrichello wins) 6.03 out of ten
7. 2001 (Mika Hakkinen) 5.99 out of ten
8. 2000 (David Coulthard wins) 5.96 out of ten
9. 2005 (Juan Pablo Montoya wins) 5.79 out of ten
10. 2004 (Michael Schumacher wins) 5.74 out of ten

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