We're coming up on the halfway point of the 2013 F1 world championship, and that means that with some extra time to spare before we head off to Hungary for round 10 it's the ideal opportunity to take stock of the two most recent back-to-back races in Britain and Germany.

This year's race at Silverstone certainly made an explosive impact on everyone just from the sheer number of tyre failures during the race, before Nico Rosberg went on to claim his second win of the season for Mercedes. But he was less fortunate in his home race the following weekend at the Nurburgring, when it was Sebastian Vettel who finally claimed the honours and broke his long-standing 'jinx' about never winning a race in July.

The consecutive weekends also saw a nasty accident on pit lane and a blazing exit for Marussia, whose car was definitely going backwards in the most recent GP. And this being a case of England and Germany, there just had to be a penalty decider thwarting poor luckless Paul di Resta.

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All these incidents and more feature in this week's F1 quiz to keep your brains in gear and fully revved up ahead of the next race on July 29. There are ten questions in total, split between the British and German Grand Prix events as well as one to recap who ended up coming out best from the back-to-back weekends.

You'll find the first question waiting for you by CLICKING HERE and as we always recommend, do try and avoid looking up the answers in Google, Wikipedia or Crash.net's news archives for the first time through at least - that way, you'll have a clean conscience when you click on the 'Post your comments' link below to let us all know how you fared.

Formation lap completed? Ready to get underway? Then it's Go! Go! Go! for the quiz. Good luck, and most importantly - have fun!