Daniel Ricciardo says Adrian Newey has "gone back to the drawing board" to solve Red Bull's problems but isn't concerned about the team's lack of mileage.

After Sebastian Vettel completed only 11 laps over the first two days of testing at Jerez, matters didn't improve for Ricciardo on day three as he managed just three laps - one of which he only partially completed as the RB10 ground to a halt - before Red Bull called it a day to continue trying to find a solution to its reliability issues.

Asked if the departure of Christian Horner and Adrian Newey from Jerez meant the first test was a write-off, Ricciardo replied: "No, not at all.

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"Adrian's gone back to the drawing board, definitely. For now there's only so much they can do at the track and I think for Adrian he's pretty happy working in his office back in Milton Keynes. He will definitely be getting involved and just trying to sort out the next best step."

However, Ricciardo insisted he was not worried about Red Bull's current situation, believing the team will get on top of its issues by the Bahrain tests.

"Obviously we would love to have done more laps but at the same time everyone came here knowing we were most likely going to run in to a few problems here or there.

"We would have loved to have more laps under our belt by now but we'll see how tomorrow goes. Hopefully we'll get significantly more done, but then I think the break before Bahrain is going to help the team a lot. Even if tomorrow doesn't go to plan I'm still not worried, I think Bahrain will sort itself out for us. We've got two weeks there, which will be good, and then there's Melbourne as well. So it's a long year. I'm definitely not getting worried about anything yet, it's definitely too early."

And Ricciardo was even confident enough to claim that sorting all the issues before the first race would not be crucial to a strong season.

"We have still got a lot of time; time is definitely on our side still. Even if we go to Melbourne still a bit whatever, it's a long season and these guys know how to win. That's important. I'm sure sooner rather than later we're going to get it all together, it's still early days."