Mercedes is seeking an increased sanction for Red Bull during the appeal over Daniel Ricciardo's exclusion from the Australian Grand Prix.

In opening remarks at the appeal, Red Bull barrister Ali Malek QC confirmed that "only Mercedes believes that the sanction should be increased", with Ricciardo's original punishment being for consistently exceeding the maximum permitted fuel flow rate in Melbourne.

Mercedes' barrister Paul Harris QC - who also represented the team during last year's tyre test tribunal - highlighted that new information in front of the panel of judges means the appeal is a rehearing and therefore can lead to a different sanction if the court sees fit.

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"This is a rehearing with new and different evidence than the stewards had [at the time in Australia]," Harris said during his opening remarks. "Now this court has had sight, it can see more clearly than the stewards that the breach was very deliberate; it was a flagrant breach.

"[Red Bull] knew [it was] not compliant, not doing what Mr Lom [FIA head of powertrain] said repeatedly, and knew full well it was being done to obtain and express sporting advantage - 0.4s per lap for Mr Ricciardo."

Representatives from McLaren, Lotus, Williams and Force India are also present to observe proceedings in Paris.