Romain Grosjean has confirmed that he has finally been paid by Lotus after a number of issues in 2013.

While last year's team-mate Kimi Raikkonen's pay issues were more high-profile, Grosjean was also owed money by Lotus as it struggled to make its budget stretch. However, asked about the issue in the wake reports that the drivers could strike over a number of pay disputes, Grosjean confirmed: "Since the new management has been in place, everything has been sorted and is good."

Although this season is proving a tough one for Lotus, Grosjean admitted it was better that the team can focus on trying to improve on-track without being concerned about off-track issues.

"At least we don't have the problem we faced in the past which is good for us, especially in a tough situation. We're all trying to work as hard as we can together. After two successful years going into a difficult season it can be very different, but everyone is trying as hard as they can to get the car as good as it can be, to move forward and not blame something they shouldn't. We're together, we're united, because at the end of the day we're all in the same boat."

Grosjean admits the pay situation wasn't ideal last season, but he believes the team did well to not allow the problems to affect its focus on racing.

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"It was certainly not the way I wanted things to go. I never opened my mouth in front of the media. That was my own business, my personal thing. Kimi kind of launched the whole thing, that drivers hadn't been paid and so on.

"It wasn't easy for the guys, but things have now been made right. The team spirit has always been there, everyone has stayed together, even though things are not as good as we would have liked. Everyone kept their head down and pushed hard."