Lewis Hamilton says Nico Rosberg is giving him some of his toughest races with a team-mate in F1 after their fight in the Spanish Grand Prix.

Rosberg closed up to the back of Hamilton in the final few laps in Barcelona and eventually crossed the line just 0.6s behind his team-mate, who took his fourth win of the season. Hamilton said he found beating the other Mercedes just as satisfying as some of his other race wins, and said Rosberg has given him two of his toughest three races with a team-mate in his career.

"The most difficult race with a team-mate was with Fernando [Alonso] in 2007 and then Nico's race with me in Bahrain was equally as tough as that and I would say that this one is probably second to that," Hamilton said.

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"It's good that they allow us to race. Nico was very quick this weekend. I don't really have an answer for it except that I was quite uncomfortable from [Saturday] onwards, hoping [Sunday] would be better but it just wasn't.

"It's unbelievable that 1mm here or 2mm on the ride height on the rear or a spring change can make such a big difference, but I need to go and analyse that. I've got to fix it for the next race because I don't want the same thing happening as I had last year in Monaco (where Rosberg won)."

And Hamilton admitted he feared Rosberg would be able to pass him in the closing laps in Spain due to his lack of pace.

"Those last laps he applied a lot of pressure, so he was very, very close to taking it. I don't like that - being in that position - I'd like to say that it was no problem and I was in control, but it wasn't."