Lewis Hamilton has made up with Mercedes F1 team-mate Nico Rosberg following a difficult Monaco Grand Prix weekend.

Writing on social networking site, Twitter, Hamilton said: "We've been friends a long time&as friends we have our ups&downs. Today we spoke&we're cool, still friends #noproblem."

Hamilton had to settle for second in Monte Carlo and post-race he made clear he felt Rosberg deliberately went off in qualifying at the Principality in order to secure pole position, with Rosberg of course then going on to win the race. Rosberg was cleared of any wrongdoing by the stewards but Hamilton said after Sunday's race that the data was very telling to him.. He also told Sky Sports F1 that they were 'not friends, but colleagues'. All it seems though, is now well - at least until Canada next weekend anyway...


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FoscoJusco: What I don't like here is how people hate on Hamilton because of his color and people admit it or not most rage against Hamilton is because he's black and successful. If it was Button in the same position as Lewis is today most people would be supporting him not bashing him. I never let people's color take away my God given right to treat people the way they deserve for what they are. You people are puppets of the system but of course I don't expect you to admit how low you are.[\blockquote]

Fosco, You're not the first fanboy to wave the race card and sadly I'm sure you wont be the last.

But what I find utterly amazing is how you could think the only reason people dislike him is because of his skin colour. Take a look at the way he acts and behaves and ignore his colour for Gods sake.[\blockquote]

Fosco, who's the racist when you are accusing others who may not have dark skin of being racist. Think your the one with racist views. Wouldn't matter what colour skin Hamilton has, he's a great driver for sure but he's a poor sportsman based on his comments! Just a poor loser! Don't recall Rosberg make similar comments when Hamilton ignored team orders!

Fosco, go see a councillor so you can have your racist attitude sorted out, either that or your persecution complex addressed!

Mills & Boon is alive and well then