Nico Rosberg says there is no chance of him hiding important data from team-mate Lewis Hamilton as he wants to ensure Mercedes remains dominant.

Toto Wolff was critical of the way the two sides of the Mercedes garage had approached the Austrian Grand Prix as it allowed Williams to lock-out the front row and challenge in the race. It appeared that any concerns had been rectified at Silverstone where Mercedes again enjoyed a dominant margin over the rest of the field, and Rosberg said being told to share data with his title rival is not an issue for him at all.

"It is not that I have to share, it is that I want to share," Rosberg said. "For me as a driver one of the most important things is that we are the fastest team in the first instance because if we are not the fastest I am not going to be able to win. So it is very important for me to help the team and I can only help the team if I share with Lewis and build one opinion and then give that to the team.

"Okay the main problem we have is understeer in high speed and we will discuss that with Lewis and make sure we are both on the same page and then we can put it to the team. There is a lot of working together always."

And Rosberg explained that there had been no change in approach at the British Grand Prix and thinks he and Hamilton don't get enough credit for the way they work as a pairing.

"No nothing is different. It is always the same thing. What we have to do is we have to think about the team in first instance and everything is open. We share everything and that is why we are where we are. The team is dominating the sport because we are managing to work together really well. As a bunch of individuals no way we will have success in this sport. So you can only have success if you work well together. I think that shows that where we are now, we do work well together.

"Also amongst Lewis and I. We push the team in the same direction and we give them information and things like that. But of course in the end there comes a point where I am fighting him and so at that point I will always try and keep certain advantages, as he will too. That is very normal. When you are fighting each other you are always going to try and keep some advantages over the other, but never compromising the team as a whole. It is a fine line and we need to find the line for each of us where it is."


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