McLaren racing director Eric Boullier says the stewards' investigation in to Felipe Massa's first-lap retirement in the German Grand Prix proved that Kevin Magnussen was "100% blameless".

Massa and Magnussen collided at the first corner in Sunday's race, with the Williams being flipped upside-down and sliding along in the run-off area before the car righted itself. Afterwards, Massa made clear that he felt Magnussen was at fault for the incident, saying "he was too aggressive" and adding "these young drivers they want to win the race at the first corner".

However, when investigating the incident, the stewards only analysed whether Massa had been at fault. Boullier said during a McLaren phone in on Tuesday that he had no concerns with Magnussen's driving in the incident and was pleased to see the stewards agreed.

"The stewards report related to Felipe's driving and nothing else," Boullier said during a McLaren phone-in. "There was a driving conduct investigation and they decided to impose no penalty on Felipe, which is their prerogative. But the report makes it clear that Kevin was 100% blameless, certainly."

And Boullier went on to say he was pleased with how both Magnussen and team-mate Jenson Button are driving at present, with Magnussen recovering from the incident to finish ninth in Hockenheim.

"So far I am 100% happy with both drivers. Jenson is clearly part of the family, he is fast and helps the team to drive where we want to go. With Kevin, as part of the learning process, he has respected all the tests we needed him to do and he is starting to clearly deliver in terms of his performance and in terms of result. So far I am 100% happy."


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rich - do you have a copy of the stewards' transcript? Hobbs, as a (former) professional driver is well aware of the various wordings that they are required to use - and "warranted" is used in cases where the party at fault has already effectively punished themselves sufficiently. Your comment that he (Hobbs) was not a Steward was petty - not worthy of you.

richard - David Hobbs commented on the decision "No further action warranted" - basically that the guilty party had already been punished, effectively by being out of the race - his words, not mine. But Magnussen did have nowhere to go, and the aerial shots show Massa moving right over on him, taking a normal racing line - maybe he could have allowed some room - and they (and Ricciardo) would have had better results...