Nico Rosberg says there will be an internal discussion to determine why Mercedes team-mate and F1 title rival Lewis Hamilton defied team orders to allow him through during the Hungarian Grand Prix after adopting an alternative race strategy.

Rosberg led from pole position during the damp early stages of the race, but was caught out by the first safety car to clear Marcus Ericsson's damaged Caterham, the championship leader failing to take the opportunity to pit for slick tyres as the circuit dried.

As Hamilton reverted to a two-stop strategy, compared with Rosberg's three-stop strategy, the call was made to the British driver that he should allow Rosberg through to ensure he was better placed once he made his final stop.

However, Hamilton would defy the team order, arguing that Rosberg was Rosberg was never close enough to justify him losing ground to Fernando Alonso and Daniel Ricciardo ahead of him.

Indeed, though Rosberg was refusing to be drawn on his personal opinion for Hamilton's defiance, he says an internal discussion at Mercedes will be taking place to determine why his rival didn't react to the order.

"It was the team that informed me that he would let me past, that was it," he said. "I don't know what happened then.

"I don't want to speak theoretically about that situation and think what if. It is better to discuss that in the team. I will sit down with the team and Lewis will be there also, and discuss about the race and see what we can learn from today. We have a great opportunity this year so we need to keep our head down."

Pitting for fresh rubber on lap 56 out of 70, Rosberg embarked on a charge to catch the leaders but while he would be on the tail of Hamilton by the final lap, he would be forced to settle for fourth. It was a result he was 'annoyed' with.

"The first safety car came out at the worst possible moment and that hurt my race a lot," he continued. "In a race like this, so many things happen, so it is not unusual that things go wrong, but I also don't think the strategy was the right thing to do.

"In hindsight it is always easier to say. Most of all, I had a chance on the last lap which was exciting but I am really annoyed that I couldn't make it happen. Obviously it was going to be difficult but Lewis made a mistake in turn one and that gave me a small chance but it didn't work out."


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I do wonder what has happened to so called F1racing, regardless of who you support, what we all watched yesterday was a great motor race, ( as last week was ) the team/driver should live with, and race with the stratergy they have chosen, to tell any driver to move over thus gaining a position should be baned, I am a starting to wonder if a Grman driver in a silver arrow Mercedes is just to much to let Lewis have a fair chance at the title.

Rosberg is losing the plot now.
For Hamilton to start from pit lane and beat him speaks volumes.
Yes Lulu had some good luck with the safety cars but that doesn't balance out the massive amount of bad luck he has had to cope with this season.
Truth is, head to head and with equal machinery (& equal reliability) Rosberg will 90% of the time come out second.