Lewis Hamilton says Nico Rosberg has admitted he hit him deliberately during the Belgian Grand Prix "to prove a point".

Rosberg clipped Hamilton's left rear wheel on the second lap of the race at Spa, causing a puncture which demoted Hamilton from the lead of the race to the back of the field. Having eventually retired while Rosberg finished second, Hamilton said Rosberg revealed in a meeting after the race that he had deliberately allowed the contact to happen.

"It looked quite clear to me but we just had a meeting about it and he basically said he did it on purpose," Hamilton said. "He said he did it on purpose, he said he could have avoided it. He said 'I did it to prove a point', he basically said 'I did it to prove a point'. And you don't have to just rely on me, go and ask Toto [Wolff], Paddy [Lowe] and all those guys who are not happy with him as well."

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Following Rosberg's comments, Hamilton said he was "gobsmacked" at the way his team-mate had reacted.

"You know, and you can ask Fernando [Alonso] and you can ask all drivers, when a car is less than half a car length alongside you and you are on the inside, it's your racing line. It's not your job to go massively out of your way to leave extra, extra room. And it wasn't one of those corners where there's a wall there or anything, look at Sebastian [Vettel] on lap [one]. He was actually further up and he knew he wasn't going to go out the other side. He was sensible about it.

"I was gobsmacked when I was listening to the meeting. You need to ask him what point he was trying to make."

And Hamilton said Rosberg had even tried to blame him for the incident.

"He just came in there and said it was all my fault. Just came in there..."

With Wolff saying Mercedes will need to impose team orders from now on, Hamilton said he doesn't know how the team will be able to handle the situation.

"I can't imagine what the team would do now. We came in to this weekend and I came with a really positive mind thought. I really was excited ... we've got eight races and we're close - there's only 11 points in it - and I thought it was going to be good for all of us. Good racing, I thought this was going to be a track that was going to be exciting.

"It's interesting because we had that meeting on Thursday and Nico expressed how angry he was - I was thinking 'It's been three weeks and you've been lingering?!' He expressed how angry he was, he literally sat there and said how angry he was at Toto and Paddy. But I thought we should be good after that and then this result ... it's interesting."


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Note that Lauda said that you don't do such an aggressive move on the 2nd lap. Deliberate or not, it was a risky move at best and ill-times at worst. Smacks of desperation to me...

So, you're all in favor of one driver deliberately driving into another? This IS Formula One. It is NOT NASCAR. It is NOT Bumper Cars. It is NOT Figure 8. People are supposed to conduct themselves with SOME degree of case. This ISN'T the Last Chance Houligan. Rosberg has EARNED punishment with that move. Funny how the desperation comes out when the pressure is on. To me, given what happened at Spa, we should rethink Monte Carlo.

107SS2009: Brundle at el at SKY and the proven dishonest liar Lulu are always saying things that each likes to hear.[\blockquote]

So Brundle made up that second steering move by Rosberg?

GokartMozart: Lewis has been in top teams and competitive cars since he came to F1. The WDC has always been a struggle for him and he has consistently failed to deliver them. He has always been involved in some sort of drama week in week out, either with the team or team-mate. Teams must come to the realisation that he is not worth the money nor the hassle, there is some great talent coming through that deserve the shot.[\blockquote]

Fabrication. Hamilton never had issues with Heikki or Jenson. The issues he had with Alonso were between Dennis and Alonso and spilled over to Hamilton. Dennis caused this as he did not grant Alonso #1 status. Whether there was a promise given or an assumption on Alonso's part, I don't know. Anyway, it didn't happen. If you want to talk about creating trouble, read up on Alonso attempting blackmail Dennis with the Ferrari papers. Hamilton never had any part of that. It was Alonso and de la Rosa.. Get your stuff straight before you come back.

Equator: Hammie is a cry baby and is now sliding down in his life line performance. Clearly, overall Rosberg is the better driver. Only or I should say mostly the lop sided British fans (mostly the uneducated and less than a full bucket in the brain department) go for Hamilton. The booing, which was just plain ignorant by the British fans at the end of the race was testament to the quality of fan from Britain.
Hamilton cries, his fans uphold everything he does and he has a lot of black marks against him as well...remember the inquiries and the lieing? Sorry, I don't believe one word coming from his (Hammy the gangsta' rapper) mouth![\blockquote]

Sorry, but there isn't a shred of truth in anything you said. Brundle tallked about the second steering move that Rosberg made. That was the one where he drove into Hamilton. Are you OK with folks deliberately driving into one another? You must be. Only that's not how it works. This is RACING, and a high class level at that. What

Insidejob: Lewis Hamilton says Nico Rosberg has admitted he hit him deliberately during the Belgian Grand Prix “to prove a point”.

And Hamilton said Rosberg had even tried to blame him for the incident.

“He just came in there and said it was all my fault. Just came in there..."

This makes no sense. Rosberg blames Hamilton and also says he deliberately hit Hamilton. Something left out perhaps?

Yes, the part that describes Rosberg as a ****er...

@ richard
"both are correct. but what is not nice is that lulu is opining that nico did it "to make a point", so next we will hear nico saying that lulu did not give him room "to make a point"

didn't Nico say that in the presence of Wolff and Lauda in the meeting ? in which case it's not LH opining but stating fact surely !!

Whoever said or did what, one thing seems likely now.
Hamilton is heading back to McLaren.

It would be interesting to see if the FIA take any remedial action after this admission, if it is true, of deliberately hitting a competitor and directly effecting their race.

Would never have happened had Ross Brawn still been in charge