The FIA has informed teams that they will no longer be allowed to tell drivers how they can improve their or the car's performance via team radio.

It has become increasingly common for teams to inform their drivers of areas on the track where they are losing time compared to their team-mates, while also advising changes they can make to improve car performance.

However, FIA race director Charlie Whiting has now written to all the teams, making them aware that such messages will be banned with immediate effect through the strict enforcement of Article 20.1 of the sporting regulations: "The driver must drive the car alone and unaided."

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The move is not a ban on all radio traffic, with certain messages still permitted relating to the likes of strategy and safety, but drivers will now be unable to call on the team for advice on how to improve performance while out on track. understands the ban is going to be discussed further in Singapore ahead of next weekend's grand prix to enable teams to clarify what is and isn't permitted.