Caterham F1 staff were locked out of the team's factory in Leafield on Thursday as administrators seek a resolution to ownership problems.

Finbarr O'Connell, a joint administrator of Caterham Sports Limited (CSL), confirmed that 1 Malaysia Racing Team (1MRT) had made an offer to continue work at the factory on Wednesday which he had rejected. Following that, the new buyers of the team claimed they aren't the legal owners and said Tony Fernandes still had control.

With the new buyers saying Fernandes has to now sort out the situation, O'Connell confirmed the factory has been closed.

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"They [the staff] can't get into the factory today," O'Connell told Reuters. "They [1MRT] are using my facilities and haven't paid me.

"Effectively 1MRT have been in the building for last few days since I arrived. We are trying to reach an acceptable arrangement for them to be there. We had a meeting yesterday with 1MRT and lawyers and the offer they made was unacceptable. So I've sent them away.

"Hopefully they can come up with an acceptable proposal."


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theeagle: Bernie (Ecclestone) must surely have something to say...[\blockquote]

Do you think Bernie gives a damn?
His thoughts are headed down the route of major teams fielding three cars each.
Teams like Caterham & Marussia are expendable.

Substitute the political climate then for the economic climate of today, and you have a not dissimilar scenario, comparing the "haves" & "have-nots". Caterham will not be the last team to fold, as they surely will. The house of cards is teetering on the brink of collapse.

And I see that Monisha Kaltenborn has effectively said the same thing today.

All a very sorry mess, and not a good advert for F1.

Stories such as this (and Jules Bianchi's accident) are the ones picked up by mainstream media - hardly an incentive for new investment in any team, let alone Caterham.

In a sense, the whole paddock should be taking a hard look at themselves - remember the reason behind Caterham's (and Marussia's) formation in the first place was the supposed budget cap - destroyed by the established teams (and aided by spankygate).

In a way, this is almost a deja-vu situation going back 75 - 80 years - in the mid-late '30's you had two teams, Mercedes and Auto-Union, both state aided, with resources way beyond all the other entrants in the GP's of the day. But for the outbreak of war, one wonders how much longer that situation would have been able to persist.