Jenson Button says money is not an issue when it comes to securing his future in motorsport as McLaren nears a decision on its 2015 driver line-up.

Fernando Alonso is expected to complete his return to McLaren this week, with his team-mate next season set to be announced ahead of the final race of the season. Button and Kevin Magnussen both remain in the frame, with Button's experience beneficial as Honda joins as engine supplier next year but Magnussen the longer-term prospect.

While Magnussen is also seen as the cheaper option, Button told reporters his main desire is to feel wanted when it comes to any potential new deal at McLaren.

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"Whether I'm racing here or somewhere else, I will do it because I love it," Button said. "Naturally I still want to earn money because I feel I have achieved and I feel I should get paid for what I do in an F1 car or a racing car, and for what I bring to a team. But I'm not a driver that takes the p***, and I will race somewhere even I'm if not getting the big bucks like a few drivers who are out there.

"You should get what you deserve. I feel I bring a lot to a team, not just in terms of results, but in terms of marketing within a team and working with sponsors, and how I can help develop a car.

"You want to feel like you are wanted within a team and part of the family. It's like if your parents were to turn round and say 'You know what, we're not sure if we want you at Christmas this year. But your brother can come, he's great'. You know what I mean. You want to feel like you are part of the family, and they want you to be part of the family, and that's more important than cash."