Despite Marco Mattiacci's attempts at denial over the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix weekend, Ferrari has appointed a new F1 team principal within 24 hours of the 2014 season ending.

Maurizio Arrivabene has taken on the twin roles as managing director of Gestione Sportiva and team principal of Scuderia Ferrari, where he replaces Mattiacci who, in turn, was only installed as replacement for Stefano Domenicali midway through the 2014 campaign.

"We decided to appoint Maurizio Arrivabene because, at this historic moment in time for the Scuderia and for F1, we need a person with a thorough understanding, not just of Ferrari, but also of the governance mechanisms and requirements of the sport," Ferrari chairman Sergio Marchionne explained, "Maurizio has a unique wealth of knowledge: he has been extremely close to the Scuderia for years and, as a member of the F1 Commission, is also keenly aware of the challenges we are facing.

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"He has been a constant source of innovative ideas focused on revitalisation of F1. His managerial experience on a highly complex and closely regulated market is also of great importance, and will help him manage and motivate the team. I am delighted to have been able to secure his leadership for our racing activities."

Arrivabene comes to Ferrari from Philip Morris, which he joined in 1997 after a 20-year career in marketing and promotions in Italy and abroad. In that time, he has held a variety of posts with the tobacco giant, leading to his eventual appointment as vice-president of Marlboro global communication and promotions for Philip Morris International in 2007. Four years later, he became vice-president of consumer channel strategy and event marketing. He has been an independent member of the board of Juventus FC since 2012 and, from 2011 to 2012, was a member of the Sport Business Academy as part of its Advisory Team Program.

While not directly in charge of racing programmes, throughout his time with Philip Morris, Arrivabene has been closely involved in the partnership with Ferrari, both in Maranello and around the world's racing circuits. He has also represented all F1 sponsors on the F1 Commission since 2010.

Mattiacci, meanwhile, retires to lick his wounds, having played down rumours of his exit throughout the season finale at Yas Marina.

"I'm very surprised by this question," he said when asked whether Ferrari's future included him, "At the moment, I am focused on working as hard as the first day I arrived at the Scuderia. I am working extremely hard and will continue working extremely hard...."

Having been a major player in Ferrari's US operations, it now appears that he has no role with the Prancing Horse.

"We would like to thank Marco Mattiacci for his service to Ferrari in the last 15 years and we wish him well in his future endeavours," Marchionne added.


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well let me ask an important question . having owned a bunch of bad ass Ferrari's over the years spanning 1967 to 2006 I never bought a single one because of Formula 1 ! do you think that logic has changed ? maybe WEC Tudor GT classes have some relation now to the V8 cars to a few buyers but not F1 . most people buy them NOW because of the name and bragging rights .we always need to remember they are in business now to sell cars first then race ! Not the reverse when Enzo sold cars to pay for his racing.! So maybe cig. Salesman may get them more money . and yes Brawn would be the next new a to win

Mattiaci is gone because he could not make Alonso stay... Plain and simple. Alonso left because he is a good friend of Luca, and without Luca and Stefano, he really doesnt have the people who he wants to work with.

Ferrari are obviously in a mess, it seems to me they don't know what to do.

Get ross Braun back and quickly if you want to get some proper F1 organization back in Ferrari they need it.

They are in danger of running near the back at this rate, they need to do something pretty quickly as it is not good enough.

No wonder Alonso has left them, it will be interesting to see what Vettel will do but unless the car has a big improvement I don't see Vettel doing much as he is not as good as everyone claimed he was.