The FIA will introduce a Super Licence age limit preventing drivers from racing in F1 under the age of 18 from 2016.

Toro Rosso has announced Max Verstappen as one of its drivers from next season, with Verstappen set to become the youngest F1 driver in history at the age of 17 and with just one season of single-seater racing under his belt. However, the FIA has now announced tweaks to prevent similar cases in the future.

In a change from the current Super Licence regulations, drivers will have to be at least 18 years old to be able to qualify for a Super Licence in a requirement listed under 'safety criteria'. As far as experience goes, the FIA has introduced '2 years minimum running in minor Formulas' to the criteria.

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While Verstappen would currently fall foul of both of the above requirements, the FIA has announced that the conditions will not come in to force until the 2016 season.


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While i can understand the reason why they do this, i don't agree with the basics of it.
Some people learn very fast, and with the advent of computers and video games, some 15 years old could well have developed more awareness than their elders.
Simulations today are very good even for console games, and could really help develop racing skills. Ever tried to win a WDC on expert difficulties? It ain't easy. Now imagine doing it while your 17 friends text you, your mom harass you to clean your room, and your girlfriend wanna make out! LOL.
Today environment prepare them so much to multi-tasking i don't see a problem with them trying to drive F1. As with everybody else, as long as they got the speed.