Sergio Perez has wished Fernando Alonso a quick recovery, saying he can understand to an extent his condition following his crash during pre-season testing.

McLaren driver Alonso will miss the 2015 F1 opening Australian Grand Prix next week after sustaining a concussion in a crash during pre-season testing, the Spaniard requiring a three night stay in hospital before doctors recommend he not get back into a racing car until at least three weeks after the accident.

It is a situation that Perez finds familiar after suffering a high-speed, high G-force crash at the Monaco Grand Prix in 2011 when he was driving for Sauber. Having attempted to come back just two weeks later in Canada, the Mexican managed only a few short laps before saying he was too sick to continue.

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Though he says he believes his impact had a higher G-force reading, he says he can empathise with the decision to play cautious.

"All I can say to him is to have a quick recovery," the Force India driver said. "I don't really know the details of his crash. My crash [in 2011] was quite big in Monaco and I actually tried to jump in the car two weeks later in Canada for free practice one.

"I struggled so much and was getting a bit sick so we decided not to race but after that I felt good to race. But I think my crash was on another level, it was about 60 G-force. All we can say to Fernando is to have a good