Fernando Alonso has issued a warning to his rivals to 'enjoy this moment' of him being knocked out of Q1 for a second race in succession, before making a pointed barb towards Ferrari at its deficit to Mercedes in qualifying for the Chinese Grand Prix.

Despite promising times during free practice, neither Alonso nor Jenson Button could haul McLaren-Honda out of Q1 in qualifying, the pair starting 18th and 17th respectively in Shanghai.

At a time when his former team Ferrari is starting on the second row, Alonso remains unrepentant about his decision to switch to McLaren, reiterating that it will take a 'risk' to get the better of Mercedes.

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Indeed, Alonso went on to say that while rivals may enjoy watching him struggle at the moment, he says there is also no satisfaction to be had for Sebastian Vettel being almost a second behind Mercedes either.

"I'm involved in a new project because to beat Mercedes you need to do something different, you need take some risks, so it's what I decided last year to do," he said.

"I finished second in the world championship three years in the five years with Ferrari, I could continue two more years there and maybe finish second again, but that was not enough and I preferred the risk.

"Now I'm not getting out of Q1, so it's time for many to enjoy at this moment. Those who are enjoying, they are third, one second behind.

"They're beating me, but they're not beating Mercedes, which at the end of the day is my goal. So it's time for others to enjoy, but soon it will be time for me to enjoy."


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Correct me please, but did Alonso switch over to McLaren or did he got sideswiped off Ferrari? I thought he was jumped by Vettel's signing to Ferrari (no thanks for Alonso's dillydallying) - but he didn't switch to Macca, he was left with no choice.

Can anyone correct me on this?