Lotus says it has data that confirms Romain Grosjean did not 'brake test' Max Verstappen ahead of their spectacular collision in the Monaco Grand Prix.

Rookie Verstappen struck the rear of Grosjean's Lotus coming into the turn one braking zone, with the Toro Rosso driver spearing into the barrier at high-speed. Despite the impact, which knocked him into a spin, Grosjean recovered to finish in 12th place.

Following the race, Verstappen said he felt Grosjean had braked earlier - or 'brake tested' him -, though stewards did not agree with this and duly gave the young Dutchman a five-place grid penalty as punishment for the upcoming Canadian Grand Prix.

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Lotus has since moved to dismiss such suggestions, with Lotus trackside operations manager Alan Permane saying it has data that shows Grosjean actually braking later than on the previous lap when Verstappen was also close behind.

Despite receiving criticism from some fans in response, Permane went on to reply to other tweets, even adding a defence for Verstappen and describing him as a 'huge, huge talent'.

"The FIA receive the data from all cars in real time. I agree Max will overcome - he is a huge huge talent!"


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Cloxxki: Would Alonso, Button, or more comparably, a 1994 Schumacher with slow engine have been pennalized the same way? A top contender can have a bad race start and pitstop and find themselves in 11th behind Grosjean. And crash out the same way. Who is ever going to have significantly more race pace at that stage than Verstappen was showing?
And, he'd already proven earlier in the race that he is able to overtake Mercedes powered cars. Not pressing Vettel to let him past was an old trick worth trying. Actually I think his dad did that once in 1994 or so. Anyway, it speaks volumes on the effect of Supersofts on the lower fuel loaded car.

I get a strong feeling that the punishment is weighed only on F1 experience and/or age, if an incident involving Crashjean is blamed on the other driver.

Verstappen had amazing pace but could even get his car alongside. Grosjean also didn't even allow him to take another line toward the braking point. If Max is to brake so late, let him