Nico Rosberg has urged Pirelli to discuss solutions for the upcoming Italian Grand Prix following his and Sebastian Vettel's tyre failures during the Belgian Grand Prix race weekend.

Both drivers were fortunate to avoid bigger accidents after Rosberg's tyre failed during FP2 on Friday whilst rounding Blanchimont and Vettel's did the same less than two laps from the end of the Spa-Francorchamps.

Though the failures are considered to have been caused by different factors, with Pirelli saying an 'external source' led to Rosberg's blow-out and over-use was to blame for Vettel's, the Mercedes driver is nonetheless concerned by their severity.

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Claiming both he and Vettel could have suffered 'the biggest shunts ever' had the tyres failed at different points of the Spa-Francorchamps circuit, he is worried the high-speed nature of the upcoming Italian Grand Prix at Monza - where Pirelli has gone aggressive with its soft and medium compound choices - could lead to more serious problems.

"Vettel blowing up his tyre, that's really not acceptable," Rosberg said. "For either of us - for me on Friday or for him [in the race] - if that would have happened a couple of metres earlier or later we would have had huge shunts, I mean the biggest shunts ever because this track is so fast.

"The next track is Monza, the fastest track of the year, so they have to think of something to try and improve that situation.

"For example, activating all the rear view cameras so if the teams are watching that they can see before a tyre explodes or something and give us warning, or something like that."