Toto Wolff says Mercedes will carry out a full investigation into its start clutch procedure back at its Brackley factory and is confident his team will solve the issue before the next race in Singapore.

Lewis Hamilton suffered a poor blast off the start line and dropped from his pole position and down to sixth at the exit of the first chicane which compromised his race at Monza but did recover to second place behind team-mate Nico Rosberg.

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Despite securing its fourth 1-2 finish of the year, of which Rosberg has led home three, Wolff is keen for Mercedes to understand why it keeps becoming exposed to poor starts with its single clutch system.

Both Rosberg and Hamilton have suffered bad starts this year with the single clutch, a technical regulation change for 2016, but has refused to point the finger of blame at any particular problem.

"The reason the rules were changed last year was to give more responsibility to the driver and make it more variable," Wolff said. "But it's just what happens, you have good starts and bad starts, and I think our system has improved a lot. But obviously today machine and driver got it wrong.

"We can see is that it is a procedural thing so I don't want to blame anybody. Neither Lewis, nor the engineers, nor the systems. I think we have to properly address that topic because it cost him a race and I think we all need to stick the heads together to avoid that for him and the team.

"We are never blaming anybody. This team, I would never believe anyone is to blame, not the driver, not the engineer, nobody.

"When you start to blame this is when it goes downhill because people will try to protect their arse and make sure they have a conservative system in place rather than putting the best development on the car."

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