'The Voice' of Formula 1 for 52 years, Murray Walker OBE gives the low-down on his Top Ten Formula 1 drivers of all time, in the sensational Murray Walker's Top 10 F1 Greats, new on video and DVD.

A must for all motoring enthusiasts, Murray Walker's Top 10 F1 Greats is a history of his greatest Formula 1 drivers. Hurtling through stunning racing moments and unforgettable drama, Murray Walker gives a fascinating insight into his all-time top ten Formula 1 hall of fame.

This insightful view spans some of the more memorable amusing and captivating moments from Sir Stirling Moss to the tragic death of F1 legend, Ayrton Senna.

Murray Walker compares the past with the future, from yesterday's talent of Sir Jackie Stewart to our current Formula 1 phenomenon, the untouchable Michael Schumacher, taking a look at how both drivers and vehicles have evolved over time.

Other drivers featured include the 'no holds barred' Nigel Mansell; Alain Prost, known as 'the Professor' and winner of 51 Grand's Prix and four time World Champion Juan Manuel Fangio, possibly the greatest racer of all time; Alberto Ascari, one of the most outstanding drivers in the 50's; Jim Clark, only once in eight seasons finished second; and Nikki Lauda, who survived a terrible crash in 1976 to become a champion again in '77.

Only on DVD:

Exclusive to DVD are Murray's reviews of the drivers that almost made the top ten, but not quite!

It also has a tribute to Murray and his fantastic career including the early years, memories of his father and motorcycling champion Graham Walker; his days as a tank commander and his years at the top of advertising.

Murray meets Murray - one of the most insightful interviews yet, Murray gets personal with Murray! and Murray being treated to a true F1 experience in the breathtaking McLaren 2 seater at Silverstone with co-commentator Martin Brundle.

Murray Walker's Top 10 F1 Greats is available from most high street stores from 4th November at a cost of just ?14.99 (VHS) and ?17.99 (DVD).

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