News agency Reuters are reporting that Toyota F1 technical director Gustav Brunner has left the team after their most successful season yet in 2005.

Brunner, an F1 veteran for nearly 30 years, is reported to have been found 'surplus to requirements' by the team, who have revamped their technical development methods in a bid to build on the successes of 2005.

A Toyota spokesperson confirmed Brunner's departure to Reuters on Monday. "Toyota Motorsport GmbH can confirm that Gustav Brunner has left the team. With three groups running in parallel, one focusing on the current car, one concentrating on the next stage of development and the third looking at advanced design, the position of chief designer has become obsolete."

Brunner, whose previous position in F1 prior to joining Toyota a year ahead of their F1 debut in 2002, was with Minardi, has also worked with ATS, RAM, Ferrari, Leyton House, Zakspeed and Rial.