In the wake of the controversial Formula 1 penalties meted out in the Japanese Grand Prix at Fuji Speedway last weekend, in-car footage has been released of the incidents regarding Lewis Hamilton, Felipe Massa and S?bastien Bourdais.

All three drivers received penalties either during or after the race - Hamilton for his dangerously late-braking into the first corner that sent the field scattering wide, Massa for having tipped the McLaren-Mercedes star into a spin just a lap later and Bourdais for his collision with the Brazilian late on in the grand prix.

The Bourdais penalty in particular provoked widespread condemnation, and it subsequently emerged that in that case the race stewards had acted against prior advice from FIA race director Charlie Whiting that the driver exiting the pit-lane has priority [see separate story - click here].

Now Formula One Management - the company owned by the sport's commercial rights-holder Bernie Ecclestone - has released high-quality replays of each of the incidents, including a number of unseen angles and cockpit views.

To watch the video and decide for yourself, click here