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Guenther Steiner has launched an extraordinarily scathing attack against Nico Hulkenberg, calling him a 'bully' and 'no champion' after the Renault was driver was involved in incidents with both of Haas' drivers Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen during an ill-tempered Hungarian Grand Prix.

Hulkenberg clashed with Grosjean at the first corner on the opening lap, forcing the Frenchman wide and dropping him towards the back of the field.

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Though the incident was referenced by the close following Magnussen over the team radio in criticism of the Renault man's actions, the FIA decided to take no action against him after an investigation.

However, matters escalated later in the race when Magnussen forced Hulkenberg wide and off the track at Turn 2 when the German attempted to make a pass for 11th position. Leading to the eventual retirement of Hulkenberg, Magnussen was given a time penalty that dropped him from 11th to 13th at the chequered flag.

The two drivers went on to remonstrate in the media pen after the race, with Hulkenberg calling Magnussen an 'unsporting driver' on live TV and the Dane responding by telling him to 'suck my balls'

It is a stance that is not only supported by Magnussen's Haas team principal Steiner, who angrily reveals Hulkenberg attempted to get a harsher penalty enforced for the Dane after the race.

"I sum it up like: Nico was the guy who destroyed Romain's race, and then we get a penalty with Kevin. Kevin did the right thing and stood his point there, in my opinion. Why would he lift? It's a tough battle? Nico went to the stewards to ask for a harsher penalty for Kevin, which I think is childish, immature... Whoever has done that?

"I'm almost speechless. I respect Nico as a driver and as a human being but what happened there -- you don't ask for a more severe penalty for somebody.

"He's a bully and he got away with it for a long time and now maybe it's time someone stood up to him. He's a good driver but he doesn't need to be like this.

"In general, he does his job, he's doing a good job for himself. If other people went down and obey with what he's saying, it's fine, I don't think we have to. He's no world champion."




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Magnussen did it on purpose ..If he did the same on Alonso , vettel or Ham he would be F#@£@ up with next race penalty..He's lucky to be on theis years grid in first place

Haas must be smoking something. Replays show Grosjean and Hulkenberg's coming together at first corner was simple accident - Grosjean was on the outside (indeed both Haas cars went for the outer line) and would always find themselves in a descreasing space. Their tyres touched (not even that hard), but unfortunately for Grosjean it gripped Nico's and he got lifted into the air and forced wide off the track - this was still around the latter mid-corner so he wasn't even 'run off the track' by anyone.

Magnussen will have seen it but probably not the mechanics of how the accident happended being behind (as usual, no doubt slowly figuring out how best to get noticed if not for good speed). His decision to act on it later is poor and whilst Verstappen's accident could arguably be seen as an accident / mistake, this was a deliberate move - much like Sainz did on Alonso at the first corner, deliberately running the driver off the road, and both should have been punished properly.

Sure Magnussen gets penalty every time he is part of an investigation, no doubt, last year was especially ridiculous, for similar offense Hamilton didn't even get a penalty point nor warning.
Then we have Verstappen who drivers like he is still in go-cart and not a fragile F1 car, no rules apply to him as daddy is watching out for him.
1 lap wonders Verstappen and Bottas continuously put themselves in positions where there is no space and that usually result the other driver/drivers race line is compromised, result one lap only, no penalty. (yesterday finally got 10 second stop/go, no point added to the tally i suppose)

Agree it’s nice to see some harder racing which is likely why Verstappen is protected, they just have to use the same rule book for all, regardless who you are.
Currently those superstars drive around like they own the place, as for the the rest it looks like they are just there to fill in and pick up penalties to add to the entertainment value.

F1 ala Hollywood

Nico is turning green...