McLaren will be able to navigate any financial implications brought about by an early divorce with Formula 1 engine partner Honda, according to executive director Zak Brown.

McLaren is set to finalise a decision on its engine supplier for 2018 in the coming days, with Renault emerging as a possible alternative after three difficult seasons with Honda since its return to the sport.

Honda is known to contribute a significant level of financial support to McLaren's F1 operation as part of its engine deal, leading to questions as to whether the team could afford to cut ties.

Brown stressed that McLaren would prioritise its sporting interests in 2018, believing it can battle through any commercial concerns that linger in the event of a split with Honda.

"We can't afford not to be on the podium," Brown said.

"It's a big decision that has lots of elements to it, and economics are one.

"Fortunately we have extremely committed shareholders that we can make a sporting decision and deal with the economics.

"We're not financially challenged. We can navigate any financial situation."

Any deal for McLaren to cut ties with Honda appears to hinge on Toro Rosso agreeing to a partnership with the Japanese manufacturer, with its current Renault engine supply moving in the opposite direction.


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Is the Renault that much better?

  The Renoo power unit in a MCL33 will maybe get regular p5 and p6 each race?   Odd podium on a good day?  McLaren with 20 races in the top 6-7 positions would probably get more prize money than Honda are wasting over a season!!!  

Well, its only about £100m and the cost of the Renault engines. Someone has deep pockets...

I think he's bluffing.  I don't care what team you are,  losing a 100m a year is a hell of a lot of money; not considering how much more they'd have to spend to adapt the car to an entirely new engine. Honda could probably damn near develop their own chassis and start their own team with 100 million dollars.  Even if you're Mercedes that's a big blow to a race budget - and no matter who Mclarens shareholders are they sure as heck don't have Mercedes money lying around... 

McLaren's owners also 'own' Bahrain, so they certainly have 'Mercedes money' lying around...

     Their road car company is doing rather well, I wouldnt be surprised if there is some financial backing from that department. #:)

2016 operating profit was £65m - pre-tax profits £9.2m.

That's not a company that could afford to contribute very much at all.

The rules state that all engines must have the same pick up points so it won't be that hard to change engines. I'.m sure most gearboxes woul;d have similar dimensions as well. Changing to Renault will probably keep Alonso at Mclaren.

Red Bull get paid about 70milion more than McLaren, so why shouldn't McLaren have aspirations to beat Red Bull and get this kind of extra bonus money?