Sebastian Vettel's hopes of moving back into the lead of the Formula 1 drivers' championship have been ruined after a three-driver crash also involving Max Verstappen and Kimi Raikkonen at Turn 1.

Light rain in the lead-up to the start gave F1 its first ever wet night race, with drivers taking a mix of intermediate and wet tyres for the getaway from the grid.

Raikkonen and Verstappen made good starts to gain on Vettel, with the trio running three-abreast on the run down to the inside of the corner.

Verstappen got caught between the two Ferraris, spinning Raikkonen across the front of his car and into the path of Vettel, leaving the championship contender with damage to his car.

Verstappen and Raikkonen were eliminated on the spot, while Vettel spun by his own accord due to the damage sustained, causing himself to retire from the race.

Lewis Hamilton dodged the drama to move into the lead, and now has a golden opportunity to extend his points lead over Vettel.


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yes Vettel went accross to cover the inside, sholdn't as he should know by now that Max will never lift as long he can see a small passage.. shame such talent ruined by such a Ego 

If you look to the onboard cameras and helicipter view it is Raikkonen and Vettel squeezing Verstappen. It is Raikkonen hitting Verstappen and then Vettel. Not Verstappen's fault this one. Vettel can thank Raikkonen for destroying his championship

Kimi went in a straight line just accelerating, 2nd time this year vettel and Max Maldanado took Kimi out.. yes Max left only to lift with the blocking maneuver from vettel

Vettel was always ahead of Verstappen and was taking the racing line. Ridiculous to say that he sholdn't as he should know by now that Max will never lift as long he can see a small passage. 

Was vettel's red scud missile pulling to the left... again? Brain fart again.

vettel was taking the line that he was entitled to do and was leaving max plenty of room.  it was kimis meteoric start that was the cause of the incident, not that he was to blame for it. he was entitled to be there, but maybe should have been a little more circumspect.

of course, had charlie been sensible, then there should have been a rolling start.


Should have been a rolling start? Anyone who pays for watching F1 should get their money back whenever it is a rolling start, what with having snoozefest races that shouldn't be held on tracks with limited overtaking chanches anyway.

The start was all Seb's doing, sure he can choose the line but Max can't disappear from where he is and no space to yield on the inside. The risk you take when forcing someone's hand is that the hand won't be forced and there will be an unwanted consequence. It is what happened today, poor Kimi was an innocent victim suffering the race, but Vettel did destroy his own championship - or at least made it significantly more difficult for himself. A really bad call but fits the image of Vettel none the less.